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Appliance Maintenance TIps

by EnRoute Team on January 22, 2010

Make these easy steps a routine:

  • Clean the interior shelves, shell and gaskets every three months
  • Once a year, clean the coils on the back or underneath with a vacuum cleaner.
  • 37 degrees F is an ideal temperature for your frig compartment and 0 degrees F for the freezer.
  • If the door gasket is sealing properly, it should hold a dollar bill in place when closed.

Quick fixes:

Problem: The frig is not running, no sound can be heard and the interior light is out.

  • Check for blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker
  • Check the plu and replace the cord if damaged

Problem: The frig constantly cycles on and off.

  • Clean the coils with a vacuum only
  • Call a qualified professional

Problem: The frig has stopped running, the light is on and you hear an occasional clicking.

  • Replace fan if necessary
  • Test the thermostat and replace if necessary

Problem: Frost forms rapidly or the unit does not defrost.

  • Open the door less often
  • Adjust the door hinges to ensure a tight door seal
  • Clea or replace the gasket. Leaks in the door seal will make it difficult to maintain desired temperature

Check back often for more great tips!