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Blog / 2011 / July


Maintenance Tips for your Air Conditioning System

Written by EnRoute Team on July 22, 2011

With the extreme heat we've had in the mid-west, it's important to perform routine maintenance on your AC unit to keep cool. And here are some tips!

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How to Avoid Mold Issues

Written by Enroute Team on July 1, 2011

Now more than ever, indoor mold growth is fast becoming the "cancer" of the home. The very moves we (and our homebuilders) make to increase the energy efficiencies in our homes are causing more mold problems than ever before. Mold thrives with moisture and humidity and now our homes are tighter than ever, locking in moisture. Even the smallest of leaks or high humidity will feed mold spores that enter our home on our clothes, pets and open windows.

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