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Blog / 2013 / September


Stop Never Ending Dust

Written by smallbox on September 11, 2013

DO YOU HAVE NEVER ENDING DUST? Does it feel like you have to constantly dust your home and can barely keep up? While we’ll discuss various sources of dust in this article, you may first want to change your furnace and air conditioning filters. Dirty ones can distribute a lot of dust around your home. They should be changed often, some say experts say once a month. Read the filter manufacturer’s instructions and follow that advice.

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Maintaining your Hardwood Floors

Written by David Weekley Homes on September 3, 2013

Caring for your hardwood floors isn't all that....hard. Few things add more to your home’s beauty – and value – than hardwood floors. That might be why hardwoods cost more than carpeting. If your wood floors have lost their luster it’s time to bring them back to life. Fortunately, that’s easier than you think.

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