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Relocating with The EnRoute Team

We understand that relocating your family can be a stressful time for everyone. Whether it be for a job transfer, employment change, or a personal family decision, learning a new city is a big undertaking. We will make this process as easy and stress free as possible by consulting you through the following stages. Click here if you are considering a relocation to Indianapolis and surrounding areas, so that we can get you started immediately.

Initial Interview

We will set up a convenient time for us to speak and discuss the specific needs you and your family have for our city. We will discuss your childrens school needs, your social interests, religious affiliations, shopping preferences, and much more to determine the necessary features in order to personalize your initial tour.

Welcome Package

We will send you a welcome package that provides information and brochures to ignite your excitement about your move. This will also introduce you to the exciting features Indianapolis has to offer and some of the places you may want to see on your first visit.

Daily E-mails

We will set up a specific e-mail search, called Client Gateway that will allow you to view the available homes in the market that fit your needs. Through constant communication this process will help us to determine your likes and dislikes, as well as educate you on our pricing and what you can expect from the Indianapolis market.


Together we will devise an efficient plan to find your ideal home based on the time frame you have to devote to your home search on this end. No matter what you have available, we will make the most of your time to educate you and send you back home with the house of your dreams.

First Visit to Indianapolis

The goal of the first visit will be to introduce you to the lifestyle in Indianapolis and the surrounding suburbs through a detailed tour of Downtown, and neighborhood amenities. We will see houses in areas that fit your exact criteria, as well as some examples to establish the correct price range for our market. We can also arrange a meeting with a mortgage loan specialist to start the approval process.

Second Visit to Indianapolis

By this time, through much discussion we will have narrowed down neighborhoods as well as specific house criteria and construction styles. On your second visit we will tour as many homes as necessary to find the right one. The goal is to send you back home with a couple of potential houses for you and your family to consider buying. We may very possibly begin the purchasing process during this visit. We will continue this process until you have found your dream home.

The Buying Process

We will advise you the entire way through your purchase and move. We will educate you on the current market conditions and how this will effect your purchase. We will thoroughly explain the costs associated with buying a home and the standard real estate practices in Indiana. We will guide you through the negotiations of the purchase agreement, and inspections, as well as assist you in establishing proper financing and a clear title search. We will provide you with local contacts to assist you in every aspect of your relocation.

The Moving Process

In order to ensure a smooth move, We will help you transfer utilities, arrange a moving company, wire your necessary funds to close, and meet your neighbors.

Life in Indianapolis

Once you live in Indianapolis, our relationship is not over. The EnRoute Team will continue to communicate with you to recommend contractors for improvements and routine maintenance while you live in your home. We will continually advise you on the market conditions and the effects it has on your home and neighborhood’s appreciation value. We will be your primary source for any needs that arise throughout your life in Indianapolis.


We would be happy to provide you with contact information for any of the companies that are currently using our relocation process for their employees and friends.

If you or your family are considering a move to Indianapolis, call The EnRoute Team at 317-573-1899 or click here to let us guide you through the process and to introduce you to the Indianapolis area.